Look Younger in an Instant With the Four Seasons’ Ultra Regenerating Facial


Plastic surgery be damned! A new treatment at the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills is making it much safer and easier to take years off your appearance. The Ultra Regenerating Facial is a miracle worker of sorts and includes a microdermabrasion, mini lift, and mega hydration all done with the ULTRA Machine.

We were recently treated to the 90-minute Four Seasons Regenerating Facial and it completely transformed our dry, over traveled, sun damaged, skin. The process is a pleasure. The machine’s technology enables the technician to do ultrasonic resurfacing, which eliminates dead skin cells without harsh abrasion. It also uses a custom selected serum and red and blue LED therapy to speed up healing and collagen production, which leads to a plumper and fresher complexion. Best of all, micro-currents make it possible to lift and tone the muscles of the face and neck for a firm finish. Plus it’s all painless and pleasant, which is surprising considering the results.

We left feeling far more vibrant and beautiful than when we came in. Whether your hitting the red carpet, have an important affair to attend, or simply want to treat yourself to a transformative treatment, we suggest you book this treatment.

For more details visit fourseasons.com.