L’Oreal’s All About Ombre


The Ombrè trend may have crested last year, but L’Orèal Paris may single-handedly bring it back to life with full force. While the massive beauty has just reformulated many of its hair color lines to enhance shade richness and extend the hue’s radiance, its Fèria Wild Ombrè kits are the cornerstones of the revamps. As the first of its kind, the kit contains a special brush that allows you to place the dye along the lengths and ends of your as well as a three-part lightening system to lift and condition. L’Orèal Paris Global Consulting Hair Colorist Christophe Robin recommended holding the brush vertically during application as opposed to horizontally. “You get more control of where you put the dye since you can see it better,” he said. “There’s also a less noticeable line of demarcation from your natural hair color.” Looks like many will be hitting these bottles of hair dye this season!

Available February 2013 at drugstores nationwide for $12.99.