Louis Vuitton Spring 2014


DESIGNER: Marc Jacobs 

INSPIRATION: Fade to black, as this was Jacobs’ last show for the fashion house. Elements of the show were taken from his most notable moments from previous sets during his 16-year-tenure like the elevators, the escalators, the carousel, the fountain, and last season’s hotel corridors.

TRENDS: Showgirl gone glam: jet beads, crystals, glossy feathers, both flats and jeans on the runway, embellished biker jackets, tulle dresses and oversized blazers.

PALETTE: All black everything. Fade to black, remember?

WHO WAS THERE: Basically, everyone (the creme de la creme of fashion, anyway) was in attendance for Jacobs’ last offering for Vuitton.

WHO SHOULD WEAR IT: Jacobs put it best, the showgirl in each of us.