Love and Luxury Go Together In Our Valentine’s Day Wish List


Want to make us swoon this Valentine's day? We've rounded up 10 beautiful pieces of eye-candy that'll do the job. They may not be classic gifts of affection, like diamonds, flowers, and candies, but their unique allure make them a more intimate gift than the traditional treats you may be used to. From intricately detailed lingerie, silk and cashmere delights, and even an umbrella to add to your covet list, be charmed by the luxury of our top picks for the holiday. If these out-of-the-box lovelies are destined to dazzle you on the 14th, start dropping the necessary hints to your Valentine today! Or even better, treat yourself with a little love!

1. Stella McCartney Bubble Hem Dress, available at for $1,600
2. La Perla Noche De Viento Triangle Bra, available at for $194
3. La Perla Noche De Viento Thong, available at for $114
4. Rococo Nail Varnish Gold Leaf Lacquer, available at Bloomingdales for $48
5. Brunello Cucinelli Cashmere Blanket, available at Saks Fifth Avenue for $1,235
6. Vanessa Mooney Bardot Love Bracelet, available at for $500
7. Olympia Le-Tan Handcrafted Ully Clutch in Red, available at for $1,445
8. Paris Market Bird Silk Scarf, available at for $140
9. Givenchy Black Leather Smoking Slippers, available at for $550
10. Joyaux Marisol “Basilia-Regal,” available at for $425