“Love Rehab” With A Side Of Bootcamp


We’ve all had our fair share of crazy break up stories and there’s a multitude of ways we rebound from having our hearts ripped out. And ripped in half. And stomped on. And run over by a truck. Executive news director of In Touch Weekly and Life & Style Weekly, Jo Piazza, drew on her experience as a journalist to chronicle the impulsive and ridiculous things that women do for love in her new book, Love Rehab. While writing, she discovered that bouncing back from a devastating love experience involves 12 steps similar to the process that drug users and alcoholics recover from their substance dependencies. In the case of Love Rehab, the drug of choice is, obviously, love – something that seems harmless, but can be completely destructive. The book is about regaining control and empowering women to move on in a healthy way.

To celebrate the release of her new book, Jo invited us to a breakup-themed bootcamp class at hotspot Barry’s Bootcamp, taught by resident butt-kicker and fitness guru Joey Gonzolez. The point of the class, Jo and Joey said, was to get women to channel their post-breakup anger and sadness (and whatever other feelings might be involved) into something healthy – as opposed to resorting to other self-destructive habits (do you know Ben & Jerry?).

According to Jo, getting over a bad breakup involves “getting out there and empowering ourselves. The best revenge is always looking amazing.” So it only made sense that we’d find ourselves in a red-lit, and otherwise dark, room lined with treadmills on one side and 80’s-style step platforms on the other. The fast-paced class at Barry's Bootcamp incorporates cardio and weight training and packs it all into one hour. It's tough, but the blasting music makes it seem like a sweaty party that you can attend with friends. But let’s just say that if you are going through a bad breakup, this will allow you to blow off a whole lot of steam. And if you’re not, you’ll feel empowered just the same…and burn a whole ton of calories.