Love Your Lips – Beat The Flakes With a DIY Lip Scrub


Winter is so unforgiving for your skin and hair. The need for penetrating moisture is essential from head to toe. And your lips are one body part that’s quick to feel and show the negative effects of winter weather. Chapped lips are not the biz when you’re trying to rock bright, bold lipstick. In fact, vibrant lip color will just put your flaky lips on display. Before going with a statement lip, you should treat yourself to a DIY lip scrub. Here are step by step tips to a perfect pucker!

  1. Start by gently cleansing your lips, removing all product. You can use a gentle cleanser or something specifically made for lips like Bliss Fabulips Foaming Lip Cleanser.
  2. Mix your scrub. Indie Lee, creator of her own eponymous line of skincare products, shared a recipe. She combines one tablespoon of raw cane sugar, a tablespoon of honey, and one drop of crushed mint or peppermint. If your lips are already chapped then peppermint’s tingle may be too much to handle, so feel free to go without. Mix your ingredients and gently buff your lips to smoothness.
  3. Certain kinds of toothbrushes have a gently bumpy back side, which is perfect for “brushing” your lips and tongue. Check out the Colgate 360 brush for example.
  4. Moisturize your lips the right way. Many lip moisturizing products are topical and made with a heavy petroleum or beeswax base, and neither of those ingredients can truly penetrate and moisturize your lips. Consider a DIY combination of honey, olive oil and coconut oil. Or try out the Lip Butter duo by Skin Deep Body Care, which is more of an oil based butter that you massage into your parched lips, not a balm you glide on.
  5. Start over at step 1. Your lips are constantly exposed to the elements and so this is an ongoing process. The best bet to avoid flaky lips – keep them moisturized, exfoliate them regularly, and try not to bite your lips or use products that dry them out.

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