Loving This Look: Lady In Red


There's something so sexy about donning a rich red, whether it be on your tips and toes for a classic lacquer accent that nails it, a fiery pop to your outfit with a pair of scarlet stilettos, or going big in a full on crimson ensemble. The winter months are the most appropriate time to rally in red, and these gorgeous cherry shade looks have totally inspired us to rock Kris Kringle's favorite color through Valentine's Day. First up is A Lacey Perspective in, of course, a red lace dress. Girl is hot as fire with a pair of matching leather gloves, a leopard print coat, and rose colored bow pumps. The silhouette of the dress is conservative enough for the winter office party, but that flashy color and edgy lace material gives it a necessary edge. For some real eye candy, Think Runway's favorite editorial looks featuring gorgeous shades of the holiday hue has us fiery with envy. While these glam garbs may be out of our reach, the suggested dresses at the end of the article appeased our big red craving.

Rihanna rocked red from head to toe. Think you can pull off the monochrome look in this color?

image via Think Runway