Lush Gets a Little ‘Emotional’

Ever worn a color that instantly boosted your mood? It’s all about wearing what you feel – or need to feel – with Lush’s new Emotional Brilliance line. Working with Strategic Behavioral Therapist Lady Kennedy, the brand crafted a range of liquid lipstick, liquid eyeliner, and cream eye shadow colors that are associated with words, such as Healthy, Dynamic, and Motivation, you can wear to shape your mood.

Before you get your hands on the 30 shades/moods, the brand invites you to play a game. Whether in-store or online, you’ll need to spin the wheel and choose the first three colors that stand out to you at that moment because you are drawn to them. Your first color choice corresponds with your strength or weakness; the second represents your subconscious need; while the third is your talent and what you need to achieve your subconscious need. Packed in Lush’s signature recyclable packaging, these powerful pigments have a buildable color delivery so you can get your message across as loud or as soft as you’d like. Forget about make-up — it’s all about word-up!

Available at for $22.95 each.