Luxury Candles to Set the Mood


The time is right for relaxation and romance. Turn off that main switch and light a candle, why don’t you? What’s that smell? Is that … cucumber melon? If the idea of making your home smell like a popular body spray for teens sounds like a winner, read no further. If you’re looking to adorn your home with luxurious fragrance, read on.

Scented candles no longer only come in ginormous jars that smell like super sweet food items (although there is a time and a place for such a thing). For a grown up, sensual candle experience, consider these luxurious options.

Moroccan Oil hand-poured candle – The signature hair and body oil smells divine on its own, but when this candle is burned in your home, the fragrance takes on a warm and sensual tone that will fill your home.

Diptyque – This perfumerie has been producing exquisite Parisian fragrances for home and body since 1961, and their reputation for high quality and uniquely beautiful scents makes them a celebrity favorite.

Voluspa – Voluspa candles make for exquisite and special gifts, because they’re not only decadently fragranced, they are beautifully packaged decorative items. With sumptuous scents like “Crisp Champagne” and “Tuberosa di Notte,” you can’t go wrong.

Henri Bendel – Henri Bendel is a purveyor of many chic must-have things, but the candles are amongst the best. With a variety of fragrances from classic to quirky, you could make your bathroom smell like Linen while your kitchen smells like Tomato Vine (for example).

NARS – That’s right, the makeup brand we all adore also makes sumptuously scented candles in beautiful glass containers, that come in 5 unique fragrances intended to stimulate the senses.

Bond No9 – Beloved NYC perfumerie Bond No9 makes exquisite, distinctive, memorable fragrances for your body and your home, which come packaged in collectors-worthy containers.

Capri Blue – Capri Blue candles come packaged in gorgeous, covetable found glass and mercury glass bowls that will look glorious on your mantle or dresser, and come in scents like Volcano, Rain and Aloha Orchid.

Jonathan Adler – Is there anything Jonathan Adler can’t do? The designer and tastemaker has a finger in every pie, and his candles are to die for. They come in bold bright candle vessels, or basic white, or super fun and quirky perfect-for-housewarming containers, like Peace, Hashish or Muse d’Or.

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