Luxury Meets Leisure This Autumn in Dubai


We think it’s about time that fall fantasy getaways became a reality, starting this season with a trip to Dubai. Why Dubai? As we wind down from a busy summer and prepare to face the cold winter months, a vacation spot with a reputation for leisure and luxury is just what the doctor would order (if only global excursions were a prescribed relaxation remedy). Dubai’s one-of-a-kind amenities make such holidays possible, sprinkling daily ease with excitement and extravagance.

Kick off your glamorous getaway by boarding the Emirates Airline aircraft, which is chock-full of extraordinary accommodations. Every seat, from economy to first-class, features gourmet dining and offers guests up to 1,800 channels of inflight entertainment. The Emirates A380 pampers first-class travelers with something even more extraordinary–two relaxing shower spas on board, along with the finest of food and wine back in your private suite. After a nap in your seat, which conveniently converts into a horizontal bed with a mattress, you can hit the lounge featuring great midflight diversions and chat up fellow fliers. Fair warning—you may not want to even get off the aircraft upon arrival.

But not to worry: The relaxation and richness has only just begun (and you have the flight back too). Dubai has grown into quite the spa city, with resorts and private centers aiming to provide guests with the most extravagant of rejuvenation treatments. Nothing is too over the top—you’ll find everything in this town from facials with 14-karat gold and caviar to frankincense-infused deep-tissue massages.

And you’ll get pampered with sun too, thanks to the practically perfect year-round weather in the United Arab Emirates. Take advantage of the relaxing rays on a beach or at a golf course—Dubai has some of the world’s best of both.

The final step to unwinding amid the opulence is to experience the fine dining and high-end shopping that Dubai has to offer. The city’s position in both the culinary and fashion worlds is growing, with top-rated restaurants and unique clothing options becoming more and more prevalent. In fact, Dubai Fashion Week is in early November—but you’ll have to save your appetite until May for Restaurant Week.