L’Wren Scott’s Fashion Week Advice

Fashion Week can take a toll on the even the most experienced industry vets, but not when you're L'Wren Scott. The designer knows how to do it right. Though she will be showing her Spring 2013 collection in Paris this season, Scott is in New York for a collaboration with Diet Coke and to catch the Fashion's Night Out action. Her perpetually polished demeanor makes it clear that hosting an intimate sit-down luncheon and presentation with just a few select buyers and editors keeps things calm and luxurious, but we know there has to be another secret to her success. We checked in with Scott to find out about her guilty pleasures, dining preferences, and how she stays healthy and energized throughout the season. Take her advice! 

Scott's Secrets to Staying Energized:
Diet Coke. I do drink Diet coke. It's a true fact…I think it's very important to keep moving. I like to exercise and if I can't exercise, I go for walk. I don't like to sit still. Constantly moving keeps us energized. You should never forget to take care of yourself during fashion week or other hectic times in your life. Every day you should find one thing to do for yourself.”

Supper in the City:
“There are so many great restaurants in New York, London and Paris…I have a current obsession with Peruvian cuisine, which is so light and aromatic. I like anything off the beaten track…I try to find something really special and unique. I'm not a habit person that goes back to the same place.” (Editor's Note: When she needs inspiration Scott consults Zagat on her iPad.)

Guilty Pleasures and Snacking Secrets:
Chocolate. I eat a lot of chocolate. I eat pizza. That's probably my most guilty pleasure. I don't like to eat fried food–it's really bad for you, but I do.”

Where She'll be Style Stalking on Fashion's Night Out:
“We're going to go out and see what's happening around town. I'm going to go to Barneys and spend some money there. They are giving some contributions to the Human Rights Campaign. I haven't gone shopping for a while and I'm actually looking forward to it.”