MAC Builds a Play Land for Makeup Mavens


It’s clear millenials are a generation of cosmetic junkies, and now MAC is looking to feed their haute habit with a new concept store.

The first of the youth-oriented stores recently opened up in Orlando with a focus on swatching, starting with the gigantic C (part of the store’s brand name logo displays) covered with interactive tiles filled with a mix of makeup stations, products, and applicators. “This customer likes to come in and hang out and play. We want them to spend some time with us,” says Karen Buglisi Weiler, global brand president of MAC Cosmetics, told Women’s Wear Daily.

It’s all a part of how MAC is looking to diversify its space, and another youth concept store is slated to open in December in New York’s Union Square–sure to satiate every college students craving for cosmetics. “Isn’t it about relevancy?” Buglisi Weiler asked. “One store doesn’t fit all. We don’t want to be boring.”This sounds like pure makeup magic!