MAC Cosmetics Turns To Evil for Maleficent-Themed Collection


The Mistress of All Evil, Maleficent, from Disney’s classic Sleeping Beauty might have a pretty frightening aura, but we have to say that her eyebrows are pretty incredible. And come to think of it, she wore red lipstick before it was en vogue. In spite of her all evildoings, Sleeping Beauty herself isn’t the only character in the story that knows beauty.

Drawing inspiration from Maleficent’s sculpted face and fierce features – and, of course, the upcoming release of the new film starring Angelina JolieMAC has teamed up with Disney to launch a witchy cosmetics line. This is the second time that MAC has released an evil-queen themed collection, proving that the Princesses aren’t the only ones who have it going on. We’re expecting lots of shadowy shades with shimmer in this collection of face, eye, lip and nail products. Oh, and we also have a feeling that Maleficent can deliver the be-all-end-all of luscious apple-red lipsticks.