MAC Takes a Page From Our Favorite Romance Novels


We’ve grown up seeing a shirtless Fabio on the vibrant ‘80s covers of romance novels, but now MAC Cosmetics is bringing the tomes’ fantasy to reality with its latest collection, Novel Romance.

The beauty brand skimmed the bookshelf to develop the color palette, including the Electric Cool Eyeshadows and Fluidlines, which range from the sparkling champagne at the start of a sunset to the deep blues and purples of the night sky. The three shadow quads become a choose-your-own amorous adventure of sultry shades. A provocative pout is perfected with a seductive selection of lipsticks and lipglasses, not to mention the blushes that will keep you flushed after a first kiss. Nocturnal nail lacquers will have many hopeless romantics primping in preparation for a romantic rendezvous with shades of crimson, violet, and royal blue.

Like any Harlequin novel, don’t be surprised if you develop a burning desire for an after-midnight meeting with someone special. Just be sure to take your lipstick along for the ride!