Mad Men Invites Us to the “Affair of the Year”


Mad Men is back! And if the promo that was just released is any indication, steamier than ever if you can believe it. From the looks of the promo, charmer Don Draper is back to his old womanizing ways. Don Draper cheats? What else is new? This time, the affair could be deadly. The promo did invite us to the “Affair of the Year,” written in blood red. Very interesting. The short clip also features stills of the cast in black in white. In one, Don's ex-wife Betty and daughter, Sally watch as Don's new, younger wife, whispers sweet nothings in his ear, presumably. Can just fast-forward to April 7th for the two-hour premiere? Whatever will we wear? Perhaps something from the Mad Men collection at Banana Republic? Swipe on an Estee Lauder's exclusive Mad Men lipstick?

While you think about it, watch the promo below: