Madewell’s Most Recent Model Gets Musical


When an iconic clothing brand, a French fashionista, and a hot streaming music service come together to collaborate, nothing less than ultimate is to be expected. In this case, the product of their three-way brilliance comes in the form of the hippest autumn playlist to hit the web this season, available now for your stylish streaming.

Parisian native Caroline de Maigret has created the cleverly curated tunes for Rdio on behalf of Madewell, whose fall 2013 campaign she's the face of, using her own personal playlist for inspiration. Reaching back into her music archives over 80 years, she explores a continuum between the greatest voices from past and present. To groove to the model's musical muses yourself, click here to sign up for the free playlist now. Here's what you can expect:

On The Beach – Neil Young
Suspicious Minds – Studio Musicians
Love That Burns – Fleetwood Mac
Working Class Hero – John Lennon
John the Revelator – Blind Willie Johnson
I Wanna Be Your Dog – The Stooges
Voodoo Love – Black Minou
Sur la planche 2013 – La Femme
Nutbush City Limits – Ike Turner, Tina Turner
The Humpty Dance – Digital Underground
Mama Said Knock You Out – LL Cool J