Madonna Finally Sells Her Skincare Secrets


When you’re an icon like Madonna, you not only have a rep to protect, you also have a look to maintain. Now the Mother of Reinvention is diving deeper into the beauty pool with her own skincare line!

The “Girl Gone Wild” collaborated with Japanese skincare brand MTG for a three-step system called MDNA Skin (natch) that includes a skin rejuvenating scrub, a serum, and a clay mask. The system is slated to roll out to a pop-up store in Tokyo this week before hitting department stores in Japan on Feb. 26th. “The MDNA SKIN pop-up store will give customers the opportunity to see, feel and experience the products and enjoy the multiple screen projected visuals,” the press release stated. “The store will also host a VIP area and the location for special events.”

The songstress shared the news Wednesday on Facebook with an image from the campaign, leading to the line's site, which has yet to launch. While we’re sure there’s more to Madonna’s snatched skin other than creams, we wouldn’t mind giving this system a spin.