Madonna’s Goods Go Up For Grabs


Come November 7, all of your Material Girl dreams can come true. Dig deep into those wallets, Madonna fans, because the largest collection of Madge memorabilia is about to be auctioned off, Page Sixreports. Everything from prints of nudes shot by Bill Stone from 1979 to “the latex mask, waspie, gloves, bra and panties worn with Katy Perry for a 2014 V magazine cover photoshoot.”

While nothing that’s part of the auction is currently in Madonna’s possession, all items have, at some point, been worn or touched by her. If you’re a die-hard fan, prepare to shell out thousands upon thousands for any one part of the collection. After all, the woman is worth $1 billion, so a pair of her worn panties for approximately $1,000 is pretty much a steal.