Make Chic Style a “Less Is More” Endeavor


Meticulous print coordination, trendy accessorizing, ahead-of-the-game piece pairing—extravagant day-to-day style can be exhausting. For a more practical approach to Monday-through-Friday fashion, it’s important that the modern woman knows what her go-to classics should be and how to effortlessly put them together.

These simple pieces should be easy to find and quick to coordinate but still make for a standout result no matter what the occasion. A feminine pencil skirt, a cool white tee, a few styles of perfectly fitting denim, a tailored blazer, and a LBD or two will become your new posse of best friends for less-is-more styling. When choosing each piece, think clean lines, classic silhouettes, and sophisticated colors. Neutrals like white and black (totally on trend this season), camel, cream, and gray transcend the seasons, calling for lighter touches during spring and darker for cold months. In addition to your safe solids, go for pieces with always-in geometrics like polka dots, floral, and stripes.

As for accessories, less can be more as well. A dainty gold pendant plus a chunky watch are all you need when it comes to daily jewelry. Make sure you have a beautifully made, roomy everyday bag that color coordinates with the rest of your wardrobe. Footwear musts are simple too: a comfortable pair of smart pumps, cool flats, sleek boots, and cute sandals. Lastly, invest in a dark pair of sunglasses for an effortlessly chic final touch to every ensemble.