Make Your Sweat Social With BurnThis


This Fashion Week, you’ll find us everywhere – from Lincoln Center, all the way down the west side and back again – and we’ll probably have our phones in hand for quick access to Twitter, Instagram and the like. After all, Fashion Week is all about engaging socially and sharing stylish love with readers and followers. But there’s a new app that incorporates the city’s chicest workout spots we can’t wait to use to connect with our fashion friends.

Though we might have to wait until the madness subsides to get ourselves to a workout, BurnThis is an app that makes it easy to schedule and attend classes with other people. With BurnThis, you can connect with others to see where they’re working out, book classes on the fly (score!), track your weekly fitness schedule and see who else is attending a certain class. That means pilates at a new studio with your bestie, underwater spin with a new friend from fashion week and kickboxing with colleagues. Use BurnThis in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami to discover new ways to work out based on personal preferences and trusted recommendations from your friends. In a city setting where there’s only so much time in the day, making sweat social kills two birds with one stone – and allows us to look and feel fabulous through fashion week, and beyond.