Makeup Must-Have: MAC Cosmetics Face & Body Foundation

MAC makeup artists are constantly on the go creating stellar beauty looks backstage at Fashion Weeks around the world, namely NYC, London, Milan, Paris, and Tokyo. The one product they all have abundantly stocked their kits (in every shade imaginable)? Face & Body Foundation.

“It's essential because it just gives you that flawless second-skin look,” says Fatima Thomas (@MAC_Fatima_T), New York-based Senior Makeup Artist for MAC Cosmetics. On how exactly to use Face & Body Foundation, Thomas suggests the following:

“Treat it exactly like you would a moisturizer,” she says. “Take a dollop—a nickel size will do—and roll it in your hands to warm it up. Then just massage it into your skin.”

As the name of the product implies, its purpose is to perfect every inch of your skin, be it an acne-related blemish on your face, or an unsightly scar on your leg.”If you need a little more coverage in certain areas, put a little onto your fingertips and tap it into those areas,” adds Thomas.

Available in 13 shades at for $32.50.