Mani Monday: 7 No-Smudge Nail Stickers to Magnify Your Mani


There’s nothing worse than finishing up your picture-perfect, totally Instagram-worthy manicure only to ruin it with a smudge. And because we’re fast-paced girls with on-the-go lives, it’s rare that we find ourselves being able to sit there as we…well…watch the paint dry. Luckily, we’ve come across an amazing solution to the problem of post-manicure mess-ups: nail strips and stickers. These applique nail sets boast easy application and – the best part – require no drying time. Choose solid gel strips or a festive pattern for a perfect manicure in minutes and no risk of smudging. With these choices, flawless manicures and awesome nail art are easy, and the process is even worthy of a brand new Instagram video.

Sephora by OPITrend Tips, available at for $6
Sally HansenInsta-Gel Strips, available at for $14.99
L’OrealColour Riche Nail Lingerie 3D Nail Stickers, available at for $9.39
Essie Sleek Stick Stickers, available at for $9.99
Incoco Nail Designs Nail Polish Appliques, available at for $8.99
Anna SuiNail Sticker Set, available at for $14
Nail Fraud Nail Polish Strips, available at for $10.15