Mani Monday: An Adorable Easter Manicure You Have to Try


Spring has finally sprung up on us! With the Easter Bunny on his way, we know no normal manicure will do. Tapping into the pastel shades of the season and the floating nail art trend that took off during Fashion Week in February, MARS the Salon found the perfect medium between eye catching and easy to pull off. Here’s how to snag the look for yourself before Sunday’s bug egg hunt with the help of a few hues and nail art brushes:

First apply a base coat before painting an egg shape on the thumb in white polish, mint on the index finger, ice blue on the middle finger, yellow on the ring finger, and pink on the pinky. Then paint a flower with greem, blue, and beige polish on the thumb; paint two zig zag lines with blue polish on the index fingerl paint dots on the middle finger with hot pink polish. Next, paint a chick on the ring finger with black and orange, add a few purple stars on the pinky and finish with a top coat.