Mani Monday: Are 3D Printed Manis the Next Big Thing?


We thought we’d seen everything when it came to nail art, but it looks like technology one-upped us with a new innovation: 3D Printed Manicures.

3D printers have changed the scope of fashion with a new technique for crafting jewelry and clothes, but nails mark a new frontier for the technology. The Laser Girls, Sarah C. Awad and Dhemerae Ford, are pushing the medium further by crafting press-ons that take texture and intricacy to new levels, thanks to amazing designs like their Pyrite, Leather, Lace and Leo, and the Game of Thrones-appropriate Drogon designs.

According to 3DPrinterWorld, the temporary talons can last up to 6 months without chipping, as long they’re cleaned regularly with acetone and are sanded before reapplication, making the $35-$80 (depending on the material used) investment stretch a little farther than your average nail wrap. “I think it's moved from high fashion into something every woman can wear,” Awad told the site.

While we think this is an amazing idea for editorials and a source of nailspiration, it might be difficult to type (or do anything for that matter), but we’re sure that’s next on Awad and Ford’s to-do list. Sorry nude nail trend, we’re going to have to switch up our nail looks this year.