Mani Monday: Kickstart Your Love of Nail Wraps


We love a good nail wrap, as many of us are still novices when it comes to nail art. Those with a funkier flair for new nail phenomenon might be hard pressed to find something wholly unique, but they’ll be able to fund artisanal nail art.

Scratch is a new beauty platform that highlights designers, illustrators, and artists to share their works of art on your tips through a monthly three-nail wrap collection from a different artist. The new nail brand has even created a Kickstarter to raise funds to manufacture more of the monthly capsule collections.

After launching the online fundraiser on March 25th, Scratch has already surpassed its goal of $6,000 to raising over $25,000 in under a week! The initial objective was meant to set up six months of collections. With extra incentives, including nail wraps sets and manicure tools, we’ll be keeping our eye on their newest designs!

For more information on Scratch or to order, please visit