Mani Monday: Making the Most of Negative Space


It doesn’t require a drawer of nail tools to achieve innovative nail looks, and Kimmie Kyees is out to prove it. The manicurist to the stars partnered with Q-tips to craft an array of intricate manis using the household staples, so you can get runway ready looks from the comfort of your home. One of the easiest looks (with the highest impact) is just a wipe away. Check out the step-by-step to transform negative space into a positively perfect manicure.

One hand at a time, paint nails with a hologram color, such as Color Club’s Halo Hues Polish in Beyond. Before the polish is completely dry, use a Q-Tips Precision Tips cotton swab to remove the base coat polish in a moon shape followed by a straight line to the free edge. Finally apply a top coat to seal in the look. Easy as one, two, three.