Mani Monday: The Nail Art You Need On New Year’s Eve


The ball is set to drop in a little over 24 hours. While chunky glitters and metallics will add some pizazz to your ensemble, a funky fluorescent 2014 manicure is a great way to bring in the New Year with a bang. We turned to Hiroko and the rest of the MARS the Salon team, who gave us the step-by-step on nailing this look:

Apply a base coat before applying a coat of white polish on all fingers. Next, paint a zigzag balloon with light blue on the thumb, paint a 2 with neon green polish on the index finger; paint an 0 with a neon red nail polish on the middle finger; paint a 1 with a neon yellow polish on the ring finger; and paint a 4 with a neon orange on the pink finger. After that, paint “Happy” with a deeper blue nail polish on the thumb and seal all of the nail art with a topcoat.

Happy New Year!