#ManiMonday: Christian Louboutin Releases Lacquered-Inspired Steppers


We can’t stop talking about Louboutin’s newest launch, and with good reason! His seductive shoes are getting in on the mani game as well.

By now, everyone’s seen the Rouge Louboutin lacquer paired with the designer’s Ballerina Ultima, a stilettoed slipper he fashioned for David Lynch’s Fetish exhibit–and the rest of his lacquer collection will receive a similar treatment. In lieu of spiked ballet slippers, the fresh heels will be an ode to manicures with acrylic-like tips sprinkled on top of pumps and booties in hues of silver, gold, and his signature red. 

The stunning shoes shouldn’t be a surprise, as the designer has always had show-stopping ideas thanks to his background in performance art. In a video for Style.com, he noted that showgirls, such as the ladies of Folies Bergère where he worked in the ‘80s, have been his long-time beauty icons. “There’s one thing about showgirls and performers in general, it’s the transformation of a woman to another woman, which is almost like a bird of paradise,” he explained in the clip. And in this case, a high-shine manicure mimics the flashy feathers as the showgirls step on stage! Talk about a new way to take the spotlight!

Haven't seen the video yet? Take a look at the clip below: