#ManiMonday: Nail This Haunted Halloween Manicure


It’s the spookiest time of the year! We’re getting festive as All Hallow’s Eve approaches with a haute haunted manicure to show off the scary spirit. To get these detailed digits, we turned to L.A.’s MARS the Salon. Here’s a step-by-step guide to transforming your tips into something terrifying.

Start by applying the base coat to all the nails before adding a coat of yellow to the thumb and ring finger, a coat of light blue on the index finger and the pinky, and a coat of orange on the middle finger.

For the thumb: Begin with a sheer brown color applied to the outer part of the fingernail, leaving a circle in the middle clear for both the haunted house and scaredy cat motifs. Use a flat nail-art brush to paint a black line around the gradient. Next draw the outer lines of the castle with black color inside the circle before filing it in, leaving a few windows free to let the color show through. Finish the nail by using a thin brush to paint two tiny bats.

For the index finger: Start by applying a sheer navy on the index and pinky finger and layer a darker navy hue on top to create a gradient from the cuticle down. Draw a half-moon shape with black nail color on the tip of the index finger. This serves as the base of the tree. Then use a thin nail brush to draw and fill in the tree.

For the middle finger: Apply a darker orange from the cuticle to the middle of the nail. Use a striping brush to paint curved lines in a light-brown nail polish. Grab a thin nail-art brush to paint on the eye and jagged mouth of the jack-o'-lantern in black.

For the ring finger: After creating a gradient on the nail similar to that on the thumb, use a flat nail-art brush to paint in thick lines black around the gradation on the ring finger. Outline the black cat using the thin nail brush, leaving space for the eyes. Use a small brush to fill in the black of the cat.

For the pinky: Paint on the bats with a thin nail-art brush before sealing every nail with a clear top. Happy Halloween!