Mara Hoffman Looks on the Light Side for Spring 2015


The go-go atmosphere of New York Fashion Week can be overwhelming for everyone involved, but Mara Hoffman is all about keeping things upbeat on and off the runway. Her pumped up prints always delight industry insiders and funky fashionistas every season, keeping the circle of smiles constantly going. Glam caught up with the innovative designer to find out just how she keep her signature style fresh season after season, her go-to style icons, and even what she recommends for a Fashion Week survival kit.

How has the Mara Hoffman girl evolved since last season?
Last season we played in a darker space. And so fall was about experimenting with darker tones, and this season we’re flipping the spectrum and coming at it from a light space and focusing on a lighter palette and allowing her to be a bit more relaxed. There are still tons of prints, but I want her to evolve to understand the other aspects of the collection, not just head-to-toe print.

How do you keep your prints so fresh every season?
We just think of the inspiration and channel it. Knock on wood that we’re just like an open channel of good visions.

Who are some of your style icons?
I think Marissa Berenson in the ‘60s and ‘70s is so beautiful and cool. ‘70s Cher is like, “Oh my God.” I think Tilda Swinton is so gorg. I’m sure I could think of other ones, like devotees in India, the dudes that just fully surrender themselves to worship. There’s something unbelievably beautiful about their non-style style.

For the uninitiated, what would you recommend they pack in their Fashion Week survival kit?
I think a lot of water, green juice I would suggest and a sense of humor. Comfy, comfy shoes.

What goes through your mind during a fashion show?
I’m pretty present, honestly. I just like to focus on who I’m talking to at the moment and what’s going on and keeping it really positive. I think it’s my job to be a light bringer and keep it cool and calm. I think there’s enough of the other stuff floating around that I can level the balance a little bit by keeping it light.

How would you describe New York Fashion Week in one word?