Marc Jacobs is Scared About His Future


We wouldn’t imagine that someone who decided to leave his cushy design job as creative director at Louis Vuitton, reportedly the morning of his last show, would get nervous but Marc Jacobs admitted to having a few reservations.

“Actually, I’m a little scared,” Jacobs told Peter Marino during a talk curated by The Architecture Foundation at the Tate Modern. “I mean, it wouldn’t be me if I sat here and pretended to be super confident about everything. There’s a kind of healthy fear that I have—it’s how I operate.”

… A pretty good way to operate if we may say so ourselves.

That “healthy fear” keeps you humble to work harder. We can’t wait to see how with all of Jacobs’ hard work and fear pay off as his career continues to grow as he focuses on his namesake label, preparing to take it public.