Marc Jacobs is Taking Show to Paris, Maybe


Since leaving Louis Vuitton in October after 16 years, designer Marc Jacobs is overhauling his personal brand, preparing to take his company public.

“I don’t feel like I’ve ever neglected my own line, but I couldn’t differentiate between the two,” Jacobs said in a profile in W magazine. “If I want to take Marc Jacobs, the company—I’m not talking about myself in the third person; that would just be weird—to the next level, I need to focus 100 percent on that,” Jacobs went on to say.

With that focus comes a few changes, most noticeably, recruiting David Sims to shoot his Spring 2014 campaign featuring Miley CyrusJuergen Teller, Jacobs’ longtime photographer, didn’t want to work with the Bangerzsinger.

“For the first time in a long time, this is the only thing I have to think about,” Jacobs said. “It feels like an opportunity to clean house and redecorate and renovate and get in touch with what initially made us tick.”

This includes a new flagship store that will open at the end of 2014 in New York, anchoring his neighborhood boutiques: Marc by Marc Jacobs store for women and men; his bookstore, Bookmarc; plus his children’s store, Little Marc.

What else can we expect? “The name, for starters, is going to change,” the designer said. “I’ve always hated that name. I have an idea of what it should be, which I presented to everyone but I can’t really say just yet.”

The biggest change of all though, is that Marc may leave New York Fashion Week for Paris. “There’s always been this impression that I’ve been in Paris only to do Vuitton, and New York for Marc Jacobs, but that’s never been the case,” he said. “I have Marc Jacobs offices in Paris, and, if anything, maybe they need to get bigger. You know, I’m not opposed to someday showing Marc Jacobs in Paris. It’s part of what I thought might be a nice way to distinguish between the two lines.”

Marc, is remaking his mark, that’s for sure.