Marc Jacobs is the Super Dude of High Fashion


Part of Andre Leon Talley’s duties as the new artistic director for Zappos Couture, are to mastermind the editorial offerings on the ZeeCee by ALT, where customers can read features like Dude of the Month, book recommendations, commentary on celebrities and trends. Talley’s friend, Francesco Carrozzini, Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani's son, shot an editorial feature, as well.

This marks an important move into the digital world for the former Vogue editor. “I took the job because I felt that this was a new experiment that I needed to have going toward the future because digital and online is so important in today’s world,” Mr. Talley told the New York Times.

Carrozzini isn’t the only friend Talley tapped to help; he enlisted Marc Jacobs to be the first Dude of the Month. “He was the first metrosexual of this century who manages to elevate style by wearing women’s clothes or clothes that would be associated with the female wardrobe,” Talley wrote of the man he called the super dude of high fashion. “His style inspires me and I wish I could wear all of his Prada fur coats.”

Um, we do too, Andre. And does this mean that we can expect to see Kanye Westas an upcoming Dude of the Month, considering his love of wearing women’s clothing?