Marc Jacobs Loves American Horror Story


Marc Jacobs made headlines this week as he named Jessica Lange as the new face of his beauty, taking his love of American Horror Story to a new level.

He revealed that he and the actress were initially brought together for a feature in Katie Grand’s magazine, Love (remember its ode to Minnie Mouse?). The pair hit it off, as Jacobs is a huge fan of the FX show, as co-star Sarah Paulson sat front row at his Fall 2014 show. He suggested Lange be a part of his upcoming campaign as well as feature her voice in his show. “We’ve set up the idea that, like with a lot of our shows, we should surprise and do something different,” he told Women’s Wear Daily s Bridget Foley. “What we’re going to give visually in terms of the print and image is not what you should expect but what inspires me, and that may come from different places. So we used Jessica.”

The result was a subtle video featuring the small-screen star’s eyes following the camera and reciting “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in a similar melancholy melody as her version of “Happy Days Are Here Again” that provided the soundtrack to his Fall 2014 show. The iconic tune bared a huge significance to the pair as it hits “fashion on many different levels for Jacobs while the tune was played for Lange’s mother funeral. “I wanted it to become almost a mantra, something without any sarcasm,” he explained. “For me, her voice has this calming effect [her voice is] almost narcotic; I mean, in a wonderful way. I find it very soothing, very unsettling. I find there to be this beauty but almost a dark side. It’s almost like, ‘I think I can, I think I can, I know I can. Almost like a self-affirmation.”

Our thoughts? As fans of Jacobs and AHS, we have to see the video!