Marc Jacobs Thinks Ink with Krink

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We know Marc Jacobs loves his ink, but now he’s taking his obsession to new heights!

The designer’s literary space, Bookmarc, has partnered with marker brand Krink on a small series of markers that range in size from ball point pen to a squeezable paint pen (bingo, anyone?)—all in a rainbow of hues. The pens boast a consistent formula that won’t smudge, and promise to last 10 times longer than your average permanent marker.

This isn’t the first time Krink has added its graffiti-gritty touch to a lifestyle brand. Coach recently partnered with the brand and artist Craig Costello on a nine-piece collection of street art-based men’s luggage. While we don’t recommend painting over a designer piece, we can at least add Jacobs seal of approval to any surface we mark up.

Available at Bookmarc locations worldwide and for $9.00-$14.00 each.