Maria Sharapova Steps into Suncare with Supergoop



Maria Sharapova in taking a page from Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow by investing in Supergoop.

The tennis star became co-owner of the suncare company that she’s not only a huge fan of, but believes has the potential for major growth. As part of her partnership, Sharapova is spreading the word on sunscreen’s definitive role in preventing skin cancer. She explained to Women’s Wear Daily: “One of the most important keys to this relationship and partnership is the [idea] that you don’t only need sunscreen when you are outdoors and it is 100 degrees outside, but on the days where you are just going to an office and you might only spend 10 minutes outdoors. You still should be wearing sun protection.”

She slathers on the brand’s Everyday Face & Body Moisturizer when she’s on the court, but sticks to the City Serum when she’s strutting around the city, regardless of the season. Many skincare savants have followed suit, resulting in a spike in sales during what is considered the off season for suncare. “In the fourth quarter of 2013, I think [our sales] were four times [as big] as the same quarter in 2012,” Holly Thaggard, Supergoop’s chief executive officer and founder, said,” We have seen a lift in those months that are not typically in the high season for sunscreen.”

It marks the latest venture for the sports sensation, as she has previously partnered with Nike as well as launched her own candy company, Sugarpova, with intentions to transform it into a lifestyle brand. “As I get a little older, I see partnerships in a bit of a different way,” Sharapova said. “I look for partnerships where I see the potential for growth in the years to come. To be associated with something that I believe has huge potential in the future and enables you to have a big say, it is really easy for me to work with something like that.”

It’s time to snap up some more sunscreen, kittens!