Martina Spetlova’s Autumn/Winter 2012/13 Collection

Czech born, London based Martina Spetlova is making a name for herself. Her Autumn and Winter 2012/13 lookbook boasts pieces with characteristics all of their own, unsurprising from a designer who seems to be finding her niche confronting us with unique and noteworthy fashion conceptions. In her collection, Martina sticks to her signature eco friendly, patchwork approach, combining blocks of fish leather and other bold textures as well as adding futuristic like touches with perforated black frocks and vibrant, crushed polyester. She calls her end of line fabrics ‘waste material.' For more about Martina's fashion and philosophy, read on.

For some insight into the creative time and energy that went into making Martina Spetlova's collection happen, make sure to watch the short but beautiful video showcasing the process.
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