Mary-Kate Olsen Just Learned to Use a Hairbrush. What?


We admit that when it comes to beauty, we can’t be experts at everything (some of us can’t use a blowdryer without dropping it on our heads). But it seems Mary-Kate Olsen is taking baby steps when it comes to her routine.

When Elle sought to find out what Olsen’s hidden beauty talents were, the recently engaged fashion empress joked she couldn’t handle a hairbrush. “You know, the truth is I feel like I just learned how to brush my hair like last week!” she laughed, though it explains why bedhead is her signature style.

Ashley Olsen, on the other hand, revealed she's quite the expert when it comes to primping tresses. “My friend actually also made me cut her hair the other day and that didn’t look too bad,” she explained. “She made me do it, but it looks great. I made it a blunt, a-line haircut. And then we had a professional come in after and clean it up a bit! But it was pretty good on its own.”

Does that mean a possible salon is in their future? Someone call Mark Townsend!