Matt Lauer Talks to Arnold Schwarzenegger at #TWC2010

Arnold Schwarzenegger joined Matt Lauer on stage this afternoon at the Women's Conference to discuss his final few months serving as Governor of California. The movie star turned politician was genuine, warm, and friendly; after all this conference is his wife's baby. Together, they have nurtured and grown the Women's Conference into what it is today: The largest forum for women in the world. Here's a few quotes from the “Governator” himself…

“Besides marrying Maria, I think [getting into politics] was the best decision I've ever made.” — on running for Governor seven years ago.

“Having Maria as my partner is priceless… Someone so smart and with so much wisdom. We have our differences, obviously. But [I love] having a partner like her… This conference here is a woman's brain at work.”– on his wife, Maria Shriver.

“It's not about me [or my opinion] in the end. I'm irrelevant.” — on which Gubernatorial candidate he backs.