Max Azria’s Daily Schedule Revealed

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Max Azria, who kicked off fashion week this morning with his Fall 2013 collection, shared his daily routine with Glam. Her's how the designer spends his time:

8:00 AM

Wake up and kiss my beautiful wife.

8:30 AM

Driver take me to the office - a great time to make calls!

9:00 AM

Arrive at office and greet employees - I love to walk around and say hello.

9:15 AM

Espresso! And fresh squeezed orange juice.

9:30 AM

Retail Meeting!

11:30 AM

Finance Meeting!

1:00 PM

Lunch with my beautiful wife, Lubov - our offices are on the opposite sides of the building, so this is a nice opportunity for us to catch up.

2:00 PM

More Meetings!

7:00 PM

Conference calls!

8:00 PM

Dinner with my family.