Meet Bigen’s Newest Brand Ambassador!

Wanna know a dirty little secret about me? I actually have something in common with Leigh Lezark and Dita Von Teese.

I'm NOT a natural raven. There—I said it. In fact, thanks to my mother's reddish blond locks, my natural hair color can be best described as dingy, dusty brown—ick. (Never ever repeat that please.)

I've long thought there was something incredibly special about onyx tresses. In my opinion, a head full of glossy inky strands always looks so striking, so mysterious, so sultry, so enchanting, and of course—so healthy.

That's why I dye my mane ebony every six weeks like clockwork. Lately I've become 100% HOOKED on Bigen's #88 Blue Black Permanent Hair Color. Thanks to its genius powder formulation, it's super easy to use, and virtually odorless, as all Bigen products are ammonia-and hydrogen peroxide-free.

And the results always look so natural—like I was born this way! (Credit goes to Lady Gaga for that lyric.)

Stay tuned to learn much more about my newfound love affair with @BigenHair!

In the meantime, pick up Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color at for $4.99.