Meet “Little Ann”

Ann Taylor is allowing fabulous mothers to match their adorable daughters. “Little Ann” is special edition outfit for chic gals; it features an embroidered top dotted with tiny sequins and French knots and a floating skirt. Plus it's Ideal for twirling!

“Being a new mother and wanting to enjoy the summer with my children inspired me,” said Anne Taylor’s head of design, Lisa Axelson. The white sandy beaches of Mexico and blended artisan embellishments throughout the summer collection influenced Axelson's design.

Additionally, 60% percent of the full-priced purchases will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. According to Axelson, it seemed natural for the miniature outfit to benefit a hospital that works to heal so many children. “I love that we are able to give back to St. Jude, which is such an important organization,” she said.

The mother and daughter outfits, which range in price from $78-$128, are available online at