Meet the Cast of The Exes

The Exes is a new sitcom about three divorced men who share an apartment across the hall from their divorce attorney and landlord, Holly. Oh, did we mention, she's a commitmentphobe whose hard-partying assistant Eden is always prying into her personal life. The Exes premieres Nov. 30 at 10:30 p.m. /9:30 p.m. C on TV Land.

Kristen Johnston
Johnston stars as Holly, a divorce lawyer and landlord to three of her former clients, who just happen to live across the hall from her. Best known for her role in the hit comedy 3rd Rock From the Sun, Johnston is an Emmy-winning actress.

Donald Faison
Faison plays Phil, a divorced ladies’ man who lives with two roommates in an apartment across the hall from his divorce lawyer. We loved him as the quirky, confident surgeon on the television series Scrubs. But perhaps he’s most known for playing Murray in the ’90s classic Clueless.

Wayne Knight
Seinfeld’s arch-nem plays homebody Haskell, one of three lost-soul divorced roommates living in his lawyer’s building.

David Alan Basche
Basche stars as Stuart, a very needy newly single, recently divorced man who moves into an apartment with two other guys across the hall from their divorce attorney. You might recognize Basche from his many roles in TV and film and onstage including Real Steel, The Adjustment Bureau, and The Starter Wife.

Kelly Stables
Stables is getting her big break playing Eden, the hard-partying, slightly scatterbrained but very lovable assistant to divorce lawyer Holly. Stables is best known for playing spritely receptionist Melissa on Two and a Half Men.