Meet the New Girl: Jessica Biel Gets Funny with Fox


Can you believe five years have passed since Jessica Biel last blazed the small screen? It was for a stint on Saturday Night Live in 2009—another three years after the show that put her on the map, 7th Heaven, went off the air. That’s all going to change this fall on Fox.

Mrs. Justin Timberlakenabbed a guest role on New Girl opposite Zooey Deschanel. According to reports, the former will play Kat, the “hottest scientist in the world,” who gives Jess (Deschanel) some competition in wooing a potential beau. The two girls’ rivalry, set against the backdrop of a summer wedding, is indication that Deschanel’s Jess has yet to rekindle with Jake Johnson’s Nick. According to show creator LizMeriwether, their relationship status is as malleable as ever.

“I love them together and I don’t think it’s it for them at all,” Meriwether told reporters. “I’ve never been in a good relationship… I just found that it’s been easier for me to write them as single idiots out in the world trying to get laid and looking for love. I had trouble figuring out where the conflict and comedy was coming from with them last season. Admittedly, it’s definitely fun to keep them apart for more.”

We’ll keep our fingers crossed on this one!

Season four of New Girl will air September 16 on Fox.