Meet The Next Generation Latinas

Latina Magazine kicked off a week filled with inspiration at its “Next Generation Latina” Awards. In partnership with The National Council of La Raza and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, last week's ceremony brought together the first class of Latinas the magazine recognized that are on a mission to change the world while still embracing her heritage. Playwright and Tony Award nominee Quiara Hudes, who wrote the smash In the Heights, imparted words of wisdom to the 10 recipients, wanting them to continue to tell the invisible stories of latinos everywhere. “That’s the power of testimony,” she said. “The next generation Latina must seize the invisible human heart, seize that overlooked suffering, seize that shadow of the underclass and don it like a glorious coat, giving it its rightful place in our pantheon of momentous American stories.”

One by one Mary Gonzalez, Linda Escalante, Stephanie Bravo, Jessica Saul, Nurys Camargo, Esmeralda Santillano, Carmen Ordonez, Olga-Maria Czarkowski, Christina Fernandez-Morrow, and Angelica S. Guitierrez, Ph.D. each received a crystal award and a $500 Mastercard gift card for their hard work as bloggers, organizers, and community leaders in their communities. Bravo, founder of, was honored to be recognized and is determined to continue engaging with the community. “I’m so excited to be sharing this award with [her mentee and nominator, Carolina Ornelas] and all of these amazing women who I get to meet here,” she said. “We’re just hoping to keep growing; we want to help every student across the nation who needs a mentor in their lives.” We can’t wait to see how they’ll grow!

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