Memorial Day 2013: Portable Beach Umbrellas


Your beach bag isn’t complete until you’ve packed a few essentials: sunscreen, your book of choice, and a beach umbrella. We know what you’re thinking, no one wants to lug a huge umbrella around, so we took the liberty of finding six that you can fold up and tuck into your beach bag! Your skin will thank us.

1.Patchwork Prints Beach Umbrella available at for $39.00
2.Beach Stripe Tilt Umbrella, available at for $16.95.
3.6.5 ft Super Compact Folding Beach Umbrella, available at for $61.90.
4.Super-Brella Outdoor Beach Umbrella available at for $39.99.
5.PortaBrella Umbrella, available at for $40.
6.The Beach Hut Umbrella, available at for $70.