Meredith Johns Shares Her Zombie Making Secrets



With The Walking Dead’s triumphant return to TV on Sunday, there are millions of fans who are changing up their costumes to channel the gory ghouls. But ripped up clothes, strawberry syrup, and a staggered walk aren’t enough to nab the top prize at the Halloween parties on your social calendar. So naturally, we we turn to Pinterest for a bit of costume inspiration.

The site teamed up with Hollywood special effects artist Meredith Johns to take your costume to the next level. Pinterest shared a slew of tutorials exclusively with Glam on creating everything from fake blood, zombie flesh, and rotted teeth – all using ingredients from your own kitchen. Here are a few supplies to snap up this spooky season

Oatmeal – Save that breakfast staple! Add a sprinkle of the stuff to a latex or silicone mixture to add texture resembling road rash or an infection.

Bananas – Need to up the yuck factor on your costume? Mush up some bananas to create puss, and add a little fake blood to make wounds look runnier.

Rice – Death and decay are nothing without a few maggots in the mix. Rice can be applied onto the prothetic or mixed in with the banana mush to make it look extra cringe-worthy. Remember, a few grains go a long way!

Black Food Coloring – While a lack of brushing and flossing can make your teeth look rotten, you can also swish a bit of black food coloring with your mouth wash to speed up the process. If you need to make them extra gross, snack on a few Oreos to get them good and gunky.

For more tips and tricks to amplifying your zombie, check out the Pinterest board below:
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