Michelle Obama’s Stylist Shares Hair Secrets from the White House


We’ve always paid attention to what First Lady Michelle Obamawears when out and about, but her tresses are a different matter entirely. Her hair stylist Johnny Wright, the artistic style director of Softsheen-Carson, has brought a few of her best tressed secrets to light during a chat with the Huffington Post with Essence editor-in-chief Vanessa Bush. Here are some of the highlights we just had to share:

Her Hair’s Natural – That right – no chemicals touch that coif! “It’s all 100 percent natural,” he revealed as he relished how long her hair has grown during their time working together. “It’s all about using great products.” That speaks volume for those who maintain their natural texture and could influence those looking to transition.

Who’s Behind Her Highlights? – We died of happiness when Obama debuted her honey-hued highlights during BET’s Leading Women Defined Summit, but we had no idea who was behind it. Wright noted that Frederic Fekkai Salon’s Daniel Villano, who’s shifted the strand shades of Toni Collette and Sandrine Holt, created the look and has worked with the FLOTUS for years.

She Ponies Up to Beat the Heat – Blowouts won’t survive the summer heat, so the First Lady doesn’t stress about her strands. As the Obamas are vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard, she’s just slicking back her strands into a chic pony. “She just puts in some conditioner and pulls her hair back into a ponytail,” he said. “It’s no fuss in August. She doesn’t want to glam up.”