Michelle Williams Looks to Lengthen Her Locks


While everyone has taken to sporting a cropped coif lately, leave it to Michelle Williams to buck the trend.

The star revealed to E! News during a press junket for Oz: The Great and Powerful that she’s ready for a longer look, as evidenced by her character’s Glinda's free-flowing tresses.

She lamented that the mid-stage of the transition was why she hesitated to grow it out. “I’m really working on growing my hair out!,” she said. “I might want it now, but I’ll have it in three years. The mid-stage is insufferable. It’s really hard on your self-esteem.”

It already looks like she’s on her way as she sported an asymmetrical cut this week out side of the Late Show with David Letterman studio in New York. We can’t wait to watch her hair evolution!