Mighty Makeup for the Year of the Dragon

January is the month for fresh starts and new beginnings. After the traditional Auld Lang Syne celebrations wind down, there's little time left to prep for yet another new year: enter the dragon. The next few weeks will bring us closer to the start of the Chinese New Year, with the dragon – the Chinese zodiac's mightiest symbol – leading the way. Those born under this sign are dominant, fearless, and passionate risk takers. Of course, there's still room for a little glamour. Celebrate the occasion with these luxurious beauty products that are sure to bring out your power, good fortune, and good looks.

1. LUSH Red Dragon Soap, at Lush.com for $7.95.
2. Hello Kitty Year of the Dragon Compact Mirror, at Sephora.com for $18.
3.Estée Lauder Limited Edition Year of the Dragon Powder Compact, at EstéeLauder.com for $75.
4. Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Dragon, at Chanel.com for $26.
5. Shiseido Perfect Rouge in Dragon, at Sephora.com for $25.
6. Gianna Rose Year of the Dragon Soaps, at GiannaRose.com for $25.
7. Cartier Le Baiser du Dragon Eau de Parfum, at NeimanMarcus.com for $100-$145.
8. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl, at NARSCosmetics.com for $24.